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Nova's Song Gown by PaperArmor
Nova's Song Gown
I was fleshing out an outfit design for Nova. I plan to draw some difficult scenes so I wanted to get the swing of the outfit. The fourth one is the design I am sticking with.

Art/Character (c) A.E.R

Armored : Chapter 2 : High King : Pages 3-4

Page 3

 Skoll raised a thick brow. " Where and what interest does this individual bring?" he questioned, sitting upright in his chair and folding his arms on the desk. His chair creaking slightly with his movement and weight. His head lining up with the metal sun mural on the wall behind him. Even though he was still very much awake, his eyelids were drooped from dryness of the eye.

    "Sir, as I mentioned earlier, I was acting upon information from the scoutmaster about the movement of a human caravan," Fola began. "As ye know, due to the extreme actions of the High Queen of the Lunar Gates,humans have become aware of lycan existence. They had been moving significantly closer to the plain bordering the city. I discovered someone among the cargo after deterring the caravan from further entering the forest." The lady general's face allowed the expression of steady concern to show. They would most likely have to address the factor of slave trade later on but if this discussion went well then Sølv's formalities would come first.

    "A young werewolf by the name of Sølv was apparently a product for slave trade between the human settlements," she stated, her stance rigid as she awaited his reaction. Skoll tilted his head some what down with a pensive expression. "Are you certain that this is not a facade by my sister's spies?" The high king's eyes locking with Fola's as he looked up once more through his long bangs. The atmosphere of the study quickly became tense and far more serious. He was not about to assume that she made an unwise chose but was not one to rule out the possibility.

     Keeping her gaze concentrated with his, Fola answered " if the lad were a spy, he would have killed me before I left my study also he is far too frail harm anyone." The lady general knew well by now what the spies and scouts of the Lunar Gates were capable but none could pull off that cunning level of fake starved fear. Sighing his acceptance, Skoll ran a gloved hand through his hair causing his bun to unravel and hair to flop onto his broad shoulders. Groaning with annoyance, he began to fumble with his tangled mane. His fingers unskillfully trying to twist the hair into place. He'd rather wear it in a braid or simply tied back but with his height it would consistently be caught in tree branches.

Page 4

    Fola stood there for several moments and watched the blonde struggle with his hair. She wanted to give him a chance at possibly accomplishing it before assisting. After his third attempt to tame his pale locks, the red head sighed and moved forward. Coming around his paper covered desk before stopping behind him. "Allow me sir," she said, gently gathering his loose locks in her hands. Skoll did not protest, knowing he was terrible at a proper bun. Sitting back and slouching slightly to make it easier for the petite woman to reach his head.

   Honestly he found it relaxing when Fola tied his hair back, she was very thorough. Skoll had minimal time to rest as is so little things like this were welcomed. Finding assistance for such issues were also difficult seeing as hair grooming was a sign of courting. General Fola never understood the ideas of affection in lycan culture but she knew that it wasn't proper public behavior for a king's general. Neither were keen on the idea of rumors spreading and causing a muck among the nobility. Skoll knew what the nobility thought of him and his inner circle but they were not saints themselves.

    After a few moments of twisting and adjusting, she tied his hair in place with a blue string. Fola stepped back and went to stand in front of his desk. High king Skoll straightened once more in the chair. "What do you plan to do about this boy?" he asked, getting back on topic. "He is willing to learn and would make a decent stable worker, shall I bring him in?" she suggested, more at ease knowing the lad had a place. 'Now all there is to worry about is the bigotry of the older servants,' she thought to herself and held in a sigh.

   "Yes, he will need basic formalities and to be documented by the head maid, " Skoll nodded, leaning back in his chair and resting his hands on his desk. The general again bowed with her fist over her chest before exiting the study. Retaining the same brisk pace as before, she made her way to her study. One step down, two to go and finally she could attend to her afternoon work that had been piled on her desk while she was out. Fola did not anticipate reading jarls complain that they didn't have enough security when most had at least a legion ready for defense but it was her duty. Mentally sighing as she drew closer to her study.
Armored: Chapter 2 : Pages 3-4
Again another really rough write and will most likely be edited a lot later on but please, enjoy!

(subject to edit when i have time )
(Edit: added bits here and there)… << Previous

Next >> Coming soon

Character/ Story  (c) A.E.R 
Alright, to those whom read my novel Armored, I am working on the next chapter as well as some covers. I am currently trying to figure out my approach to my future seeing as I live in an inopportune place for artist. If I accomplish anything with my art, I hope it is that I make Armored my best personal project. 
Speaking of personal projects, I post about two other projects besides Armored on my tumblr, one of which I work on with a friend. I can post a few works here if yall'd like. 
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Currently just trying to improve my work and hopefully get a job as a concept artist.

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