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Armored : Chapter 2 : High King : Pages 5-6

Page 5

 The lady general entered her study to find Sølv exactly where she left him. He seemed to have not moved from that spot even a little. Sølv had been obliviously starring out the large round window across the room when she came in. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he noticed her presence. "G-general, I did not hear you come in," he stammered, anxiously clutching the tattered rags he had been wearing only hours before.

 Fola raised a slim brow,but quickly reminded herself that werewolf hearing was only keen in the shifted form,his hearing was also untrained. "High King Skoll has agreed to let ye remain here but ye must go through some formalities first," she explained, getting straight to the point while approaching him at a causal pace. Her boot heels faintly thumping the dark wooden floor. "We need to get moving lad, the high king is a rather busy man and ye formalities entail more than just meeting him," she farther explained as she shuffled the thin young man out the door.

  Passing sconce after burning sconce, Sølv and general Fola's shadows flickered with the movement of the flames. Sølv kept his head down, switching from watching the ground to the back of Fola's head. He could feel the prying eyes of every guard and servant who passed them. Even the women here were taller than him,he though, save the lady general. His mind began to wonder, just how powerful was this king and if lycans followed pack order,how monstrous was he? Soon the werewolf's mind had twisted the king into the image of a merciless beast clad in bloodied armor.

Page 6

   Fola glanced back to see how the lad was fairing. Sølv appeared to be headed to his own execution with a deathly pale complexion and trembling hands. She paused mid-step which caused Sølv to almost bump into the petite woman. "Ye need to breath and collect yerself, lad" Fola advised. The general could not have the lad hyperventilating in a panic before he even step foot in the king's study. She understood that Sølv was reasonably nervous but losing his head and breaking down in the middle of the corridor would not help him in the least.

  Taking several shaky breathes while attempting to blink away the image in his mind, Sølv was still less than ready. He would have to try, the sun was long gone and there was much to be done. Fola gave the rusty brunet a few more moments to breath before she turned to face him. The lady general put a firm hand on his bony shoulder,"it's time to get going, Sølv" she said quietly and looked him in the eye. Reassuring him of his safety would have to do at the moment, Fola could not force him to be bold.

   Sølv gave a weak nod in response. Taking her hand from his shoulder, Fola straightened her own and turned on her heel. A few moments later they finally reached the imposing double doors of Skoll's study. Lady Fola knocked once, waited for his response then entered with Sølv at her heels. The boy's shoulders jerked when the doors closed behind them. Peering around the paper cluttered, Sølv kept close to Fola's back and dared not look directly at Skoll. The curtains and shutters had been tightly drawn closed,making the room much darker and the shadows more exaggerated. He felt dread stirring up in him once more but did his best to not express it, knowing the room wasn't nearly dark enough to hide his face.

   Lady Fola motioned for the boy to follow, calmly approaching the king's wide desk. She gave a formal bow before stating, "High King Skoll,this is Sølv" and stepped aside to allow Skoll to directly address the young lad. No longer able to hide behind the general, Sølv gripped the tattered rags firmly and starred at the pile of paper on the desk. The blond turned his attention from Fola to Sølv with a polite smile. "Nice to meet you Sølv, Lady Fola tells me that she found you in quite the predicament," he said, raising from his chair while extending his arm out to Sølv. Standing at full height, Skoll towered over the other two but Sølv mustered enough courage to reach out a sweaty palm to shake the lycan's hand. Keeping his head down in fear.
Armored: Chapter 2 : High King : Pages 5-6
Sorry for such a log pause but I managed to crank something out! 

(Subject to edit when I can)

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Armored : Chapter 2 : High King : Pages 7-8

Page 7

  Skoll retracted his hand slightly, some what confused by the boy's nervous behavior and furrowed his brow. Quickly glancing at the general for a moment before giving the frail young man a quick shake of the hand. Sitting back down, the high king waited for Sølv to unfreeze from his hunched over standing position. There was a continuous  moment of awkward silence spent with the general standing there like a statue and the king forcing a smile while the brunet had yet to noticed that he no longer had to hide his face. Skoll was slowly beginning to suspect that Sølv did not like him too well. The blond man rested his arms on his desk as an uncomfortably stiff air set in the study.

   Lady Fola stood as formal as ever but would most likely be dragging her hand over her face if she were not in the presence of the king. Continually reminding herself that Sølv did fear anything larger than him with good reason but his instincts alone should have told him that Skoll posed no threat. Then again high kings in lycan nobility were always alphas so that was probably were the lad's fear was stemming from, depending on how much he knew of the culture. Hopefully he would learn a sense of calm once he was settled into his position as a stable hand. Breaking from her thoughts, Fola cleared her throat to cut the tension and gain Sølv's attention.

   As if his joints had iced over, Sølv craned his head up to realized that his hand had already been shook. He retracted his hand, still clutching his old raggedy clothes with his other hand as he glanced back at the lady general. Fola simply tilted her head towards the king, indicating to where the lad should be facing. Whipping his head back in Skoll's direction though he was still unable to look him in the eye.

   Skoll continued with the formalities with only mild concern that the boy might have a panic attack. "Now due to the circumstances of your situation you will need to give any traceable evidence to the scout master before being documented by the head maid," he explained. The king took a quill from one of several ink wells on his desk and wrote up a form. Sølv gingerly took the parchment as if any sudden movement would end with his blood on the floor.

Page 8

   "Now if you will excuse me, I have some documents to attend to," Skoll said with a polite smile and going back to work on the papers that consumed his desk. Fola approached Sølv's side and guided him out of the room by his shoulder. Before leaving the room, the lady general turned on her heel and with a bow she said "Please try to get some rest sir." Skoll tilted his head faintly and replied, "thank you for the concern Lady Fola." Turning back around the red head left the king's study. Three steps down, two to go and yet she still had her own paper work to address when all was said and done.

   Silently sighing, Fola brushed her bangs out of her face with a quick brush of her fingers. She hurried Sølv down the hallway so that they would not be over heard. "That went better than expected but lad he had no intention to harm ye," she told him with a vaguely sympathetic glance. "B-but he's the alpha ,right? Don't lycan alphas fight for dominance like werewolves do?" Sølv said in a quiet wobbly voice with his ears drooped like a frightened pup. He had also hunched over to avoid eye-contact with the guards that patrolled the corridor. "Yes and no, High King Skoll does have to fight those who challenge him but not those who wish to join his side unless they aim to be within the inner circle," Fola elucidated, rounding the corner that lead to the intelligence hall. "Oh, then he does not fight stable hands?" he inquired again, his hairless ears raising inquisitively. "Of course not, High King Skoll is a benevolent man and reserves his strength out of necessity," she said hastily, reflexively defending her king.

   They passed several doors before reaching the end of the corridor where the doors stopped and there was a another corner. Fola stopped and crouched down while Sølv watched her with mild confusion as she ran a gloved hand across the corner tile. She hooked her fingers under the edge the tile and pulled it back to reveal a handle. "Step back please" she said while she began to open the trap door. The lady general motioned for Sølv to go down the winding stair case which he did so with great care. Following after him, Fola closed the door over them and they descended down the steps. Guiding themselves down the pitch black tunnel with their hands against the wall. The farther down they went, the more light began to creep closer to them.

    Upon reaching the final step they were greeted with a set of axes flying in their direction. Fola shoved  Sølv ,whom was screaming, to the ground while shielding him with one arm. "Scout Master Fralia, please refrain from greeting individuals with weaponry! " she exclaimed angrily, standing up and helping up the trembling werewolf on the floor. Fralia, a lanky honey hair lycan with  four braids, swung down from the rafters of her office with a smile on her face and in her eyes. "Oh come on pocket general, it is far more entertaining when people are surprised to see you," she said with a cheerfully snarky tone and the scar over the bridge of her nose crinkling with her smudge expression. "So what's with the scarecrow boy," she asked, pointing a clawed finger at the thin lad currently cowering behind the lady general.
Armored : Chapter 2 : High King : Pages 7-8
So this one took a while and I might need to proof read again later but hey, it's progress!!! Also the lady of snark-ness has arrived.

(Subject to edit when I have the time.)
(I fixed the confusing bit at the top.)

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